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Online booking Guide 

Attention to detail and superior service is what you get at Seawolf barbershop.

Every short haircut includes a wash, hot towel and straight razor on the neck. 

Appointments made are time based so booking the right appointment is important 

What We

Transformation Haircut

This service should be booked if you haven't had a haircut in over 4 months, If you want to completly change your style of haircut or you want to go from long hair to short hair. This can also be booked for more creative haircuts that you would need a longer consultation on.  We highly reccoment that you don't wear your hair in a pony tail for a few days prior to a big chop. 


This service is booked if doing a 1 gaurd or longer on the sides or a mid length haircut. This is typically a faster service than the two services at the top. So if you need time to discuss your haircut in length book a transformation cut. This comes with a neck taper, shampoo, and straight razor on the neck. 

Buzz cut

This is our shortest style as far as time goes we offer. this is a simple haircut done with clippers all over your head. We only use 2 different gaurds and taper the neck. This service does not include a hair wash. 

Skin Fade

This is booked if you want to go shorter than a 1 gaurd on the sides. Its always helpful to come to your hair appointment with clean hair and without a hat on that day. If that is not possible we offer one wash per haircut and will wash you at the begining of your service. 

Long layers,  bobs, wolf cuts, or a more "feminine" Haircut

This sercive is available with Verdi only. None of the other members or our team are trained in these styles. Book this for haircuts that are typically done in salons. 

Beard trim

The way this service is done depends on your barber. Some of our barbers use a straight razor and hot towles. That service is $5 more than the other service done with trimmers available with other barbers. We will skillfully shape your beard, clean up your cheek lines, and give you a nice clean line on your neck. 

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